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sound sculpture features

Sound Sculpture features...

Visual Feedback
Sound Sculpture provides visual feedback using a Laser light scanner to show visually the extent and location of the active space of the ultrasonic sensor. The Laser can be switched off if you want to keep the active space invisible.

This visual feedback provides a real improvement in ease-of-use and speeds up the dawning of awareness... the awareness that the sounds and music are made by your own movements.

Musicality - Rhythm Harmony and Form
The ability to synchronise the Sound Sculpture with other instruments and musicians or recordings using a microphone. Or to sequence it using MIDI, gives Sound Sculpture powerful rhythmic potential.

With this rhythmic capability and its versatile harmonic tools, Sound Sculpture enables group performances with as much rhythmic and harmonic integrity as you choose. From totally in-time and in-tune, to completely chaotic, atonal and formless.

With Sound Sculpture you also have the ability to control pitch-bend, volume and other aspects of the synthesiser sound, using any of the sensors.

Sound Sculpture is a musical instrument of the highest caliber in it's own right. You can follow complex jazz scores if you really want to, by sequencing through different harmonies with a footswitch or sequencer.

Recording Your Own Music
You can record your own music from a keyboard or sequencer directly into Sound Sculpture. And then replay it using the sensors. The recorded music can be a sequence of single notes, chords or a mixture of single notes and chords...

Each recorded sequence can contain over 190 recorded notes. You can record up to 39000 notes of your own music into Sound Sculpture.

Flexible, Ease to Use Accessible
Users have been very impressed by the flexibility and ease of use incorporated into the Sound Sculpture. This is the result of carefully incorporating the suggestions, ideas and requirements of the many individuals and organisations, clients and colleagues who have collaborated with Sound Sculpture's development and maturation, while maintaining a sense of balance between flexibility, ease of use and accessibility.

Sound Patches and Memory Cards
A sound patch is a convenient way of handling all the settings and adjustments you make during a Sound Sculpture session, as well as any recorded material, so that you can build up a library of personalised setups. Sound Sculpture has 200 sound patches built in, each one can be modified, renamed and saved.

Also, patches can be saved or loaded from plug-in transferable memory cards. There are 100 patches per card.

Every effort has been made to make sure Sound Sculpture is as affordable and accessible as possible. We aim to make a living, not a killing...

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