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other switches and sensors for sound sculpture

Sound Sculpture has a voltage input which can be used at the same time as the ultrasonic input

There are various sensors available which which allow Sound Sculpture to be played in a variety of different ways. E.g. with squeezy rubber balls and spongy cushions etc.

A single marimba/xylophone style wooden block that connects to Sound Sculpture. Just hit it and play a chord or note. Why not make up a keyboard?

Foam filled cushion to plug into Sound Sculpture. Play a tune by varying the pressure. Shown in optional cushion cover. Textured one side, clear pocket on reverse.

Start a revolution with the MIDIcompass! Plug into Sound Sculpture and play sounds as the sensor is rotated. Ideal for dance and movement work.

Trigger a sound by rolling or walking over this floor pad.

The ultrasound beam detects movement from a distance - someone walking or a wave of the hand. With an adjustable range of 1, 2, or three metres.

Soft play piano keyboard with switches under each white key. Less than a metre long with a soft carry handle and a pocket for the cables on the reverse.

Designed to detect the slightest movement, can be played with a finger, arm, leg, head or even the tongue!

The pressure sensitive bulb triggers different sounds the harder you squeeze. price=120.00

Soft play switch with straps to allow it to be mounted to a pillar or even to a person. Can be hit, kicked or punched.

Responds to a change in the speed of movement in two directions forward & back-wards or left & right. Provides two proportional outputs.

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