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what does Sound Sculpture do, and how does it work ?

Sound Sculpture is an electronic musical instrument which provides access to music-making for those of us who are unable to play a conventional musical instrument such as saxophone, guitar, piano and drums.

The Sound Sculpture replaces the usual piano-type keyboard of a synthesiser with special sensors which enable people with a wide range of mobility difficulties to make musical sounds as if they were actually playing on a conventional keyboard.

Sound Sculpture has a built in ultrasonic sensor with a range adjustable up to 10 metres or 30 feet.

Sound Sculpture also has a variable voltage input which provides access to other types of sensor. Switches, mats, air pressure sensors and other sensors specially designed to suit individual requirements can all be used with Sound Sculpture.

Imagine or visualise a piano keyboard in thin air... The size of the keyboard can be easily adjusted to suit the performing space. It can be a few centimetres long, up to a few metres long. Also the width of each 'key' can be adjusted from a few millimetres up to almost 1 metre. The Sound Sculpture is able to detect the position of your hand (or body, or head etc...) and plays a note corresponding to the position of that (invisible) piano key in the air... it has to be experienced to be believed.

Diagram of Sound Sculpture principle

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