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Access enabling musical instruments and MIDI controllers...

Our product range...

Includes the Sound SculptureTMand Orange Box MidiswitchTMrange of MIDI controllers and accessories

sound sculpture in one

Sound Sculpture in one
The easiest and quickest way to incorporate Sound SculptureTM into your working and playing environment. A complete solution which takes 10 seconds to setup, just plug into a mains socket and start making music.

Contains a Sound SculptureTM midi controller, a high quality synthesiser module with a great range of realistic sounds as well as a host of sampled drums and special effects. Complete with built in powered speakers and laser lighting which defines the performance space.

sound sculpture solo

Sound Sculpture solo
The Sound SculptureTM midi controller by itself. This is the solution for those who wish to use their own synthesiser or sampler and thier own sound system.

Contains a Sound Sculpture midi controller, ultrasonic sensor and connecting leads. The laser performance space indicator is recommended as an optional exra.


Orange Box MidiswitchTM
The Midiswitch range is designed to be a really easy to use and versatile midi controller which enables any midi device to be controlled by a simple switch. The choice of switches is virtually limitless to suit a range of situations.

The Midiswitch is available in two versions, standard and touch sensitive.

The standard version can be used with all standard switches currently available (e.g. those available from AbleNet and others) as well as our own range.

The touch sensitive version is exremely versatile and can be used with our (unique) pneumatic switches as well as with standard mechanical switches.

Using the pneumatic switches the sensitivity and velocity response can be easily adjusted to suit different situations from the lightest touch to a stamping foot or a wheelchair wheel.

The pneumatic switches have many advantages. They are virtually indestructible, immune to water (no wires, no electricity) and can be adjusted over a wide range of sensitivity.

midiswitch and sampler

We can advise on a range of accesories to complete the flexibility of your Sound SculptureTM or Midiswitch system.

Sound SculptureTM has a range of additional sensors available which can be connected to its analogue (0 to 5 V) input. These include the following...

For the midiswitch there are a range of different mechanical and pneumatic switches, Also mounting brackets and adaptors to suit most situations.

We highly recommend a sampler as an extremely useful addition, this can turn the sound sculpture or midiswitch into a versatile communication aid for those with speaking difficulties, as well as bein a versatile and fun musical instrument in its own right.

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