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Access enabling musical instruments and MIDI controllers...

Includes the Sound SculptureTMand Orange Box MidiTMrange of MIDI controllers and accessories

Our range of midi controllers can enable musicians with an incredibly wide range of abilities to play together. Originaly developed with the objective of enabling people who are unable to play conventional musical instruments, our midi controllers are also used in theatre, lighting and video control, interactive exhibitions and installations...

There are two main products in our range.

Sound Sculpture has a built in ultrasonic sensor with a range adjustable up to about 10 metres. Its like a keyboard in thin air, played by your body movements. Sound Sculpture also provides access to other types of sensor to suit individual requirements, such as switches, mats, breath controllers etc.

Orange Box midiswitch is a versatile midi controller which uses conventional switches or pnuematic pads to play a synthesiser or control other things such as lights, video projectors etc. It's incredibly simple to use and has easily adjustable touch sensitivity when using our pneumatic switch pads.

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